The idea behind our Arigato lamp collection was to present a stylized everyday object inspired by the shape of a person bowing, a universally recognized gesture used to express gratitude and greetings.

One of the most popular products made by Grupa to date, Arigato was originally conceived for a major refurbishment project at the prestigious Dubrovnik Palace Hotel on the Adriatic, where they helped add a touch of contemporary flair to rooms welcoming discerning visitors.

The collection later evolved into an ever-expanding line of products, distinguished by their elegance, versatility, and sleek finishing. Thanks to a special system which uses joints hidden inside the lamp’s seamless body, users can adjust and adapt the position and direction of its light with ease.

Arigato itself comes in a number of versions – its basic construction elements lend themselves to a variety of combinations, which allowed designers to create models which fit perfectly into any type of space or use case scenario. The collection currently includes table, floor, wall, pendant, and ceiling versions, with new iterations of Arigato constantly in development.

All lamps are handmade out of steel parts, except for the lamp shade, which is made out of aluminium. They come finished in matte black or white powder coating, with the pendant version also available with brushed aluminium shades.

As an addition to the existing offer, three new matte colours have been added for all pendant models and the new Wall Extra Short: red, blue and green. Together with the lamp’s slim and elegant silhouette, this results in a versatile object capable of either blending in or actively sculpting the space it is in.

Every Arigato also has an undershade designed to hide the lightbulb glare and help disperse light more evenly, a special 360-degree head joint, and a standard-sized E27 lightbulb, giving users unparalleled adjustability and a myriad of options to make the Arigato their own.

With all the welding seams and screws hidden inside the body, and attention to detail which extends to deep matte coatings carefully selected to absorb rather than reflect glare, the Arigato personifies the refinement of design and the seamless blend of form and function that Grupa set out to achieve.

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