Functionality, diversity and agility are the core principles at the heart of the recognizable design language applied by Grupa, a studio established by three designers - Filip Despot, Ivana Pavić, and Tihana Taraba - in Croatia's capital Zagreb in 2006.

In the years that followed Grupa grew into a design brand known for projects in product and interior design which saw them collaborate with manufacturers and architects from their home country and abroad, acclaimed for their versatility and minimalism.

In 2012 Grupa reached a new milestone as they stepped out of the design role and went into manufacturing, launching a line of their own Grupa-designed lighting products which blend their design philosophy, heritage, and the tradition of handmade techniques honed by local craftsmen.

"As designers we have many questions, dilemmas regarding construction and materials we will use and the right way to finalize a product. As manufacturers we are able to answer all of them."

All Grupa-made products are manufactured and assembled in Croatia, most of them in a time-tested lighting factory established in 1960. Working in the lighting industry for more than six decades, the factory's top quality workmanship and priceless tradition result in products recognized by customers and users worldwide.

In the world of automatization and mass production, Grupa decided to go with the handmade approach because it bestows undeniable quality to the final product. Every single piece passes through skilled hands used to bend, paint, assemble, and control for quality, over and over again. Craftsmanship thus becomes an essential part of the product, something that can be seen and felt.

Thanks to the ever-growing number of projects and collaborations, both for their own line of products and those conceived for other manufacturers, Grupa has become a premier design brand, based in a studio inside their showroom in the historic centre of Zagreb, in the heart of the city's design district neighbourhood.