Brand Guarantee

Product Origin & Quality

All products marketed under the brand name GRUPA are original design of Grupa and as such protected by copyright owned by Grupa.

All of our products are manufactured in Croatia, Europe. We are proud that each one is carefully assembled by hand, ensuring that our lamps not only emit light, but reflect the highest level of craftsmanship. Most of the components we use in the production of our products, which we cannot produce ourselves, also originate in the European Union.

The quality of our products is of key importance to us, so each Grupa product undergoes a detailed quality control and personal inspection by Grupa quality control team before being put on the market. Each product that passes the quality control process receives a QC Label inside its packaging with the date, stamp and signature of the person who performed the control.

We will always strive to provide our customers with high-quality, original and locally manufactured products, which communicate on a personal level the values ​​shared by the company's founders and designers.

Product Warranty

Warranty is provided for all products (regardless of color, model and code) manufactured under the brand name GRUPA. The warranty period shall last 24 months from the date of purchase of products, as stated on the commercial invoice.

The Manufacturer (Grupa Studio d.o.o., Popa Dukljanina 1, Zagreb, Croatia, EU) warrants that the product shall remain in good working order during the warranty period, and that any defect and malfunction occurred under regular and normal use (if the product is used in accordance with user manual) as a result of manufacturing errors, shall be resolved.

Should the product become defective during the warranty period, the manufacturer shall, at his discretion, either repair or replace the product in a reasonable period of time, in accordance with these warranty terms and conditions.

Should the product become defective during the warranty period, the customer shall return the product to the authorised dealer that sold the product, accompanied by the claim sheet and the original invoice. Otherwise, the manufacturer reserves the right to deny the provision of services covered by the warranty.

The manufacturer reserves the right to charge for the repairs should it be determined that the product is not covered by the warranty as per these terms and conditions.

Termination of Warranty

The warranty shall not apply in the following cases:

Faulty operation, damage or malfunction caused by improper handling or connection, incorrect assembly or neglect by the customer.

Regular wear and tear of the product.

Faulty operation due to misuse by the customer or end user.

Damages caused by fall, use of force or other mechanical impairments.

If the product was reconstructed, repaired or modified in any way.

If the manufacturer’s silver label was erased or removed from the product.

If the product was not installed or used in accordance with the assembly instructions or user manual provided with the product.

Corporate Social Responsibility

In its daily operations, Grupa is guided by the principles of socially responsible business, implemented by various environmental, ethical and economic policies.

Enviromental responsibility is carried out by using green energy and renewable energy resources, sustainable local production, recycling, waste management and pollution reduction, to the greatest extent whenever and wherever possible.

Our corporate responsibility is based upon the following general principles: working according to laws and regulations, respecting fair-trade principles, respecting our partners, employees and customers, creating added value products and professionalism.

Responsibility towards our partners implies the principles of fairness, sincerity, honesty and timely action. Responsibility towards employees reflects through good working conditions, teamwork, training, staff welfare and safety, commitment, respect, integrity and dignity, health care, parental/child benefits, equal employment opportunity and inclusion. Responsibility towards customers is carried out by giving great value for money, offering good, quality and safe products at a fair price, providing prompt reaction to customer inquiries and complaints.

Social responsibility for Grupa means giving back to community, supporting local production and thus creating job opportunities for our local community, supporting local community through donations and volunteering, raising awareness about social issues, concern for social welfare and serving others.