Prostoria 10

Exhibition design for Prostoria, 2021

As long-time partners of Croatia’s major designer furniture maker Prostoria we were invited to curate and design the company’s exhibition celebrating its 10th anniversary. The event opened to the public in September 2021 at the Meštrović Pavilion in Zagreb, one of the most prestigious exhibition venues in town.

In order to showcase the company’s pioneering achievements in bringing together local design and manufacturing we decided to divide the circular exhibition space into ten topically separate sections with each one telling a chapter in the story of Prostoria with carefully staged exhibits.

These sections included examinations of the recurring design elements present throughout the company’s production history, the evolution of their portfolio, art installations playing with pieces of materials used in the company’s manufacturing process. A video with messages from company’s workers was projected round the clock, and there was a jungle-like area which showcased Prostoria’s outdoor range.

Established in 2011, Prostoria was the first major manufacturer in Croatia which managed to raise awareness of home-grown industrial design, and also bring the work of local designers to a global audience. Maintaining an entirely local manufacturing and design pipelines, and high standards in terms of quality and materials, the brand has established itself as an industry leader in their native country and beyond.

Exhibition visual identity was conceived by brand agency Kurppa Hosk while outdoor area plant styling was done by green collective Dnevna Doza Biljaka.