Chair for Gir, 2018

The Brida collection consists of four types of chairs designed by Grupa in 2018 for the Serbian furniture brand Gir. The chairs successfully combine modern wood-processing technology with handcraft techniques that the company has become known for as producers for other brands.

The series consists of slightly different takes on the same basic design idea, with the unifying visual element being the clean design line running through each type, which creates an elegant shape that forms the backrest and armrests. The chair’s sharp angles and simple surfaces were intentionally used to emphasise the weight and sturdiness of solid wood while still retaining a refined silhouette. The chairs are also stackable, allowing hassle-free storage.

Gir is a large and successful wood furniture manufacturer based in Kraljevo which spent decades producing components for western European designer brands before deciding to launch their own line of solid wood pieces created by designers from Serbia and neighbouring countries.