Ili Ili

The aptly named Ili Ili (meaning ‘either or' in Croatian) is a modular pendant lamp system which was designed to inspire users to unleash their creativity by giving them tools to become designers themselves.

Lightweight, simple, and extremely versatile, the system enables customers to mix and combine the lamp’s basic building blocks before purchase using our online configurator. This results in unique bespoke combinations, and in the process helps create an emotional relationship with the object even before it gets delivered to their doorstep.

The system includes six basic differenty-shaped aluminium elements available in a wide range of matte colours which are all mutually compatible and which can be mixed and matched to order, along with several differently-coloured cables to choose from.

Paired with the E27 socket which takes any type of standard-sized light bulb, the system gives users complete control over the design and personality of each lamp, and the wealth of options is even more increased with the matching wall-mounted lamp version.

Many users found that the system shines best when used in clusters, as individual user-designed lamps can serve as building blocks to create dynamic and playful compositions providing any type of space with a splash of color and playful character.

Do you want to go colourful or monochromatic? Would you like a large four-piece lamp, or maybe just a simpler version built from one or two pieces? Do you want it to look like it’s upside down? The combinations and possibilities are almost endless – and they all look amazing. So let’s play!


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