Igram, (which roughly translates as ‘I play' in Croatian), is a collection of light fixtures which embodies the interplay of ambience and functionality.
The collection, which includes an integrated lamp-table, a wall lamp, and a portable table lamp, features clean outlines, a strong graphic signature, and an understated elegance which have become hallmarks of Grupa's design language.

The sculptural quality of pieces is enhanced by the attention to detail seen in their seamless construction method, the careful consideration given to the quality of light, and the integrated soft-touch dimmers which help create an additional layer of tactile relationship with their users.

The most emblematic piece for the entire collection is the Igram wall lamp, a versatile lighting fixture with a strong yet unobtrusive graphic presence. Seemingly hovering in air inches away from the wall, the Igram wall lamp has two ‘arms’ with lighting fixtures, each coming with a joint allowing users to rotate the light source.

The lamp can be installed directly onto a wall outlet, or it can be connected to an outlet elsewhere using a removable power cord. Its adjustable heads allow users to shape the light: used indirectly, facing the wall, its light reflects back to create a discreet and refined ambience, and when the lamp is facing away from the wall it presents itself as a sleek yet functional source of illumination.

The multi-purpose Igram lamp-table was designed to be used in indoor areas with limited space. It features a soft-touch switch and two swivel joints placed in the ‘arm’ and near the light head, providing a wealth of positioning options in day-to-day use. The table comes with a variety of handcrafted tabletops available in various materials and colours to choose from, ranging from brushed oakwood or tempered glass to the exquisitely finished ceramic option.

Inspired by the minimalist lines and shapes from our established Igram collection, the portable table lamp was expressly designed to provide unparalleled lighting and visual elegance for tables seating up to four diners.

The design comes in two slightly different variants which only differ in the way the central stem element is shaped, as the arm holding the diffuser can come in either a fully straight or a J-shaped version. The two variants are meant to provide subtle visual diversity allowing users to create a sense of rhythm when the lamp is used in spaces with many tables and multiple items.

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