Igram Portable Table Lamp

Shape I

Igram Portable Table LampIG-PT-I-BK

  • Characteristics

    Aluminium and steel body, powder coated and assembled by hand. Opal PMMA light diffuser. Charging with USB-C cable. Touch dimmer integrated on the top of the lamp. Three levels of dimmability 100/45/15%. Autonomy 8/17/63h. Low battery mode at 10%. Igram Portable Table lamp is a portable, battery-operated product intended for battery use only. Indoor and outdoor use.

  • Colours

    Black, White, Grey, Blue, Green, Red, Bronze, Brass

  • Technical

    Material: Aluminium, Steel
    Light Source: Dimmable warm white LED 358lm,
    2700 K; CRI ≥ 90.
    Charging cable: Included, 200mm long USB-C

  • Dimensions

    Base diameter: 80 mm
    Base height: 100 mm
    Lamp height: 400 mm
    Shade diameter: 90 mm
    Packaging: 191 x 191 x 480 mm, 2 kg

  • Availability

    All listed colors: assembled to order (est. delivery 1 week)

  • Customisation

    Powder coating in custom RAL colours available for project orders.
    Please note that customisation can affect minimum order quantity, price and lead time.

Shape I

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Inspired by the minimalist lines and shapes from our established Igram collection, the portable table lamp was expressly designed to provide unparalleled lighting and visual elegance for tables seating up to four diners.

The design comes in two slightly different variants which only differ in the way the central stem element is shaped, as the arm holding the diffuser can come in either a fully straight or a J-shaped version. The two variants are meant to provide subtle visual diversity allowing users to create a sense of rhythm when the lamp is used in spaces with many tables and multiple items.

The source of light is a LED disc with 31 transmitters, carefully distributed to provide an evenly dispersed 360-degree diffusion of consistently uniform light, with soft and subtle shadows. The maximum light output is 358 lumens, with the Coloring Rendering Index (CRI) ≥ 90.

The visual sense of dynamism is also enhanced by the integrated dimmer, with the three dimming levels factory preset at 100%, 45%, and 15%. Each Igram portable lamp uses a rechargeable and replaceable lithium-ion battery.

The portable battery-powered Igram lamp is charged via a USB-C socket and supports rapid charging which allows the battery to go from zero to 80% capacity in about 90 minutes, while reaching a full charge takes about five hours. The variable charging speed helps boost the replaceable battery's health and improve its longevity.

At maximum intensity, the battery can last up to 8 hours of continuous use.
At 45% intensity, the autonomy is 17 hours, and at 15% around 63 hours.
The lamp also features a low-battery mode, triggered when the charge drops to 10%.

Ideally meant for use in bars and restaurants, the Igram table lamp emits light in a 1-meter radius, large enough for tables seating four people. In spite of being just 40 cm tall, this is achieved thanks to precision light distribution engineering.

It is also resistant to splashes and light rain, which makes it a perfect partner for restaurants with indoor spaces, as well as fine dining service on terraces or any other outdoor areas.