Easy chair and low tables for Prostoria, 2020

Conceived for the designer furniture brand Prostoria in 2020, the Tinker collection consists of an easy chair and low tables. The pieces were originally conceived for a major refurbishing project at the storied five-star Westin hotel in Zagreb built in the 1960s, which included updating guest rooms to give them a more contemporary feel.

The two main design elements of the easy chair are the upholstered seat and backrest which together create an ergonomic shape ideal for a comfortable and relaxed seating position. The Tinker’s seat height is deliberately set as half-way between regular chairs and reclining easy chairs, which makes it a versatile piece ideal for both types of use.

The fabrics are based on cotton or wool, and the cushioned seats were designed to be slightly softer than commonly used in chairs, which gives Tinker a luxurious and inviting tactile quality. The chair’s supporting structure, created with slim steel legs, helps to make Tinker appear visually weightless, as if it is suspended in air.

Grupa also designed a series of low tables meant to function as companion pieces complementing the easy chair. Each table also features a steel frame, and can feature one of a variety of tabletops available in several different materials, including brushed wood, varnished wood, tempered glass, or even stone.

These tables come in three different shapes – round, oval, or rectangular – and each type is available in several sizes, giving customers lots of options to choose from. Smaller and lower versions can work great as bedside tables, whereas larger and taller pieces function more like coffee tables.