Sofa for Prostoria, 2021

The Echo is a large sofa we designed for the furniture maker Prostoria in 2021. The goal was to create a centrepiece object best suited for a large living room or a lounge room.

In terms of ergonomics, the sofa was designed to provide maximum comfort when used either as a traditional sitting piece or in a semi-reclined scenario. Its versatility and the sumptuous comfort it provides makes it a perfect choice for informal and relaxed use.

The sofa’s base structure is constructed using slats, borrowed from the technology commonly used in beds. For maximum comfort the sofa’s cushions are stuffed with a combination of soft foam and feathers. Although armrests and backrest are at the same height, they are positioned to provide ideal support for head and neck when a user’s body is in the natural semi-reclining position.

Echo’s basic shape can be modified with additional cushions and elements, allowing it to adapt to any space or use case scenario. The backrests and armrests can be switched out or removed entirely, which turns the sofa into a chaise lounge. Echo comes dressed in textured all-fabric upholstery, in leather version – or a lavish combination of both materials.