Baluna is a versatile and elegant spherical lamp made to inspire and invite users to control and shape the light and the ambience it provides. Each lamp is entirely handmade, so that every Baluna is carefully shaped and assembled by skilled master craftsmen.

All lamps in the collection feature a triple coated opal glass diffuser which allows the sphere to project a perfectly even glow, with no discernible light source point visible inside the lamp.

The angled shade covering, which users can effortlessly move and adjust, gives the lamp a moon-like appearance and makes Baluna an ideal choice for anyone looking for an understated lamp which puts precise control of ambient lighting at their fingertips.

Baluna’s functional parts – including the switch, the optional dimmer, the power cords, and the carefully designed tightening rings – fit seamlessly into the lamp's elegant form.

The collection includes several different styles, including wall-mounted and ceiling versions, a tabletop version, a pendant version, and also the grand Baluna chandelier, available in two sizes – the only product of this type designed by Grupa.

You can also contact us directly at email sales@grupa.com

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